A collection of thoughts that go through my head because Alanis Morissette put them there.

This is my introduction post.

I’ll work on it in a bit, considering I’m pretty exhausted from the big pile of nothing that makes no sense today was. – You know, like Jordan Catalano would put it.

This blog is called “Rain, Mugs, Pajamas…” because I just thought I’d list a few things I love and basically create a brand out of disconnected words.

For as weird as it may sound… the title does feel like me. It’s a celebration of those days I get to do nothing and concentrate on my hobbies.


I have deleted all my old posts and started over. Because everything is different now and hopefully I’m writing from a better place.

I hope I find a few of my old followers again and meet new ones!

Oh, and one detail I find very cute… I have used my daughter’s handwriting to create the logo:

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.42.48 PM

And that’s the story of that.



Any thoughts?

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