A collection of thoughts that go through my head because Alanis Morissette put them there.

To be honest, I always thought Halloween was kind-of-ok at most… but ever since I moved to this country and realized how much effort the gringos put into it, it started growing on me in ridiculous proportions!

So, this year, I got a little carried away. But just a little, ’cause I’m still relatively poor here. – I like saying “I’m relatively poor” because first world poor is NOT the same as 3rd world poor and it would be offensive and clueless of me to say something like that, by the way.

What I did was, I bought myself a little Halloween village and I kinda also sorta got a haircut and died my hair red so that my Angela Chase costume would be a *bit* more realistic. I mean, I think that’s ok and I’m probably not at my friend Elijah’s level yet, who would only eat “scary food” at one point to get in the mood for Halloween as he stated on  Macaulay Culkin’s podcast… well, to be fair, he had stuff going on and I recommend you listen to the podcast.

Nevertheless, the architect inside me fell in love with the miniatures and following the steps of my idol Claicy from I started taking pictures of my creation… which turned out to be very, very unpopular on social media. But I didn’t care! I was doing it for myself.



And YES… the lights really light up!

SO NOW… I have a box of goodies that I’ll get to use to build my Christmas village. Because Christmas is really my favorite, even though Halloween is growing on me.

Maybe I’ll even build a haunted Christmas village…


And that is the story of that.

Any thoughts?

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